Healthy Halloween Snacks

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The Halloween SpiritI’m always amazed when I go to write a post on “Healthy whatevers…” and most of what I come across isn’t anywhere near healthy – it’s just some sort of snack or recipe labeled as “healthy” so they can get more readers I suppose. For instance, I wouldn’t exactly call a candied apple healthy, even if it does involve an piece of fruit! But anyway, I have done my best to ensure that the recipes below are healthier snacks than all that candy the kids will be bringing home!

halloween cauldronMonster Mash – Guac, chips, salsa. The BEST snack!

halloween cauldronHummus is another great snack and this candy corn looking veggie platter is really cute.

halloween cauldronPumpkin Spice Smoothie – I haven’t tried this yet but it looks really good!

halloween cauldronRoasted pumpkin seeds – If you’ve ever tried to roast pumpkin seeds and completely screwed them up try this method!

halloween cauldronSweet potato chips with black olive tapenade – a recipe from the Food Network. Speaking of Food Network – poor Alfred failed his test to get into the cooking academy in London. And Jimmy is being s jerk about it of course.

halloween cauldronI can’t remember where I first had a pumpkin/squash soup but it was love at first slurp. LOVE pumpkin soup! Squash soup in pumpkin bowls looks like it would a super cute recipe for the kids to try before they head out for tricks or treats.

halloween cauldronGreen Goblin Milkshakes – Includes spinach, bananas, dark chocolate, peppermint extract, etc.

halloween cauldronDark chocolate dipped apricots – just don’t eat too many!

halloween cauldronCandy corn popsicles that include fruit, veggies, and squash.

halloween cauldron2 drink recipes including a green goblin smoothie, AND beet blood shots!

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