6 Orange cocktails to serve at your Denver Bronco’s Superbowl Party

1. Texas-Style Blood Orange Margarita – Okay, so I know that Bronco fans aren’t always big fans of Texas but you’ve got to see the picture – this thing is really orange! And it sounds good – tequila, oj, Cointreau, and lime juice.

2. For the truly serious cocktail mixer – detailed instructions on how to color a cocktail. The person who wrote this post did it for Halloween, so one of the obvious colors is orange! BUT they also pointed out how to add another color to the drink, and if you were so inclined, you could make a really neat blue and orange drink! Your friends would be astonished with your talent!

3. Here’s a couple of orange cocktails: both a Candy Corn SkinnyTini which is low calorie and a Zombie Mar-Tiki which, if you’re a fan of Walking Dead (if you aren’t, we can’t be friends) you might enjoy that one even more. Plus it just looks neat. And I bet it packs a lot more of a wallop (if that’s what you’re after.)

4. How about an orange creamsicle martini. This really sounds good!

5. A Bitter Orange Kindler is a really orange drink!

6. Here’s my own invention: 1 oz whipped cream flavored vodka and 1 oz pumpkin spice liqueur. It’s rich, it’s spicy and it’s orange!

At the very least, you could rim your margaritas or other cocktail glasses with orange or blue salt or sugar. Here’s a good idea, make an orange or blue cocktail and rim it with the opposite color!


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